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Next-generation Energy

Next-generation Energy Supporting Techniques

Energy evolution is requisite for future such as renewable energy. Our product line-ups support and assist the next-generation energy tech such as Hydrogen station that is now drawing attention, solar-power battery, fuel battery as fluid control, and lithium ion battery-cell which is used for Electric Vehicle (EV) and home appliances as power-storage equipment.

■Main play field

  • Hydrogen station
  • Organic solar cell
  • Lithium ion cell
  • Fuel cell

The most suitable products for next-generation energy field.


Pre-cool chiller for hydrogen station

Control hydrogen gas’ temperature to as low as minus 40 deg. C highly precisely during the time of hydrogen charging. Saving Space/foot print and energy both.

Liquid temperature controlling unit (Extremely High-Temp. Chiller)

For Solar-power panel

Dry-Air Generator

Apply to processes such as sealing for lithium ion battery/cell which takes against moisture.