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Clean Air-Supply Equipment

Clean Air-Supply Equipment

  • Make cleanroom’s condition have extremely purified space with almost no chemical contaminants. Contact us for the contaminants you hope to remove. We offer the most suitable remover system.

  • With our original self-regenerate adsorption function, maintenance-free materializes.

  • Our original self-regenerate system lasts the initial performance sustainably, which differs from chemical filter replacing one.

  • Combined it with our Precise Air Control machinery, highly precise temperature- and humidity-control is available.

System features

Airflow Supply Capability 5.0m3/min to 100m3/min
Principle Performance NH3 removal rate:99.8%
Chemicals removal rate:99.0%
NOX SOX removal rate:90.0%
Temperature ctrl accuracy ±0.1℃
International safety standards SEMI, CE, and Rohs acceptable
Communications Every kind communications spec. acceptable.
Others with use-point ctrl method make it highly precise accuracy.

For cleanness, cope with up to Class 100.

Product line-ups

Gas removal unit 10m3/min
Gas removal unit 20m3/min(Footprint saved type)
(*Temperature & Humidity controller mounted type)
Water-cooled refrigerator R-407c