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Corporate Information and History

Management Philosophy

  • To be a company that wins our customers' trust with state-of-the-art technology and products, as we work together to achieve our mutual success.
  • To be a company that fosters each and every employee's success, and every employee enjoys the fruit of our combined efforts.
  • Be a company to get involved with regional economy and culture in making the local society alive together with us.
Company name registered Shinwa Controls Co., Ltd.
Established Date December 15, 1967
(June 21, 1962 starts as Shinwa Industry Co., Ltd.)
Capital JPY 90,000,000.-
President & CEO Takuji Yamamoto
Business items

Develop, design, manufacture, and sell each item below: 

Precise Temperature Control Unit, Superb High-Pure Air Supply System, Vacuum Chamber, Solenoid Valve, Motor Valve, and Micro Valve

Number of Employee 642 as of April, 2024

Headquarters and Plants


2-6-20 Kurigi Asaoku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 215-0033 Japan
Phone: +81 44-986-1861 (Rep.) / Facsimile: +81 44-986-3975

[Kyushu Plant]

1313-46 Masuragaharamachi, Oomura, Nagasaki 856-0022 Japan
Phone: +81 957-52-7501 (Rep.) / Facsimile: +81 957-53-0048

[Nagano Takato Factory]

621 Kamiyamada Takatoomachi, Ina, Nagano,396-0217 Japan
Phone: +81 265-94-3641 (Rep.) / Facsimile: +81 265-94-3643

[Nagano Alps Ina Factory]

7975-1 Misuzu, Ina, Nagano 396-0111 Japan
Phone: +81 265‐98‐0573(Rep.) / Facsimile: +81 265-98-0574

[Kumamoto Factory]

1723 Yamadaotsu Yamaemura, Kumagun, Kumamoto 868-0092 Japan
Phone: +81 966-22-8172 / Facsimile: +81 966-22-8155

[Osaka Office]

4-6-12 Kyoon Building, Hiranomachi, Chuoku, Osaka 541-0046 Japan
Phone: +81 6-6227-1121 (Rep.) / Facsimile: +81 6-6227-1123


Shinwa Technos Co., Ltd.

4611-90 Simosuwamachi, Suwagun, Nagano, 393-0087 Japan
Phone: +81 266-28-0105
Facsimile: +81 266-28-0688
【Business details】
A variety of metaling and welding such as precise metal processing.

Shinwa Controls Taiwan Co., Ltd.

4F., No. 10, Ln. 7, Wuquan Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 24886, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886-2-2298-3766
Facsimile: +886-2-2298-2835
【Business details】
Manufacturing, sales, maintenance and repair for “Precise Air Control Unit” and “Chiller”

Shinwa Controls KOREA Co., Ltd.

Gyeonggi-do Hwaseong-si Samsung-1Ro,3Gil 32 3F #302 KOREA
Phone: +82 31-8003-4686
Facsimile: +82 31-8003-4465
【Business details】
Sales, maintenance and repair for “Precise Air Control Unit” and “Chiller”

Shinwa Controls America, Inc.

Oregon Office
2240 NE Griffin Oaks St., #200 Hillsboro Oregon 97124
【Business details】
Maintenance and repair for “Precise Air Control Unit” and “Chiller”

California Office
48501 Warm Springs Boulevard, Suite 117, Fremont, CA 94539
Facsimile: +1(510)344-5163
【Business details】
Sales, maintenance and repair for “Precise Air Control Unit” and “Chiller”

Shinwa Controls(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Room E1B, No. 7666, Zhongchun Road, Qibao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai
Phone: +86-166-2113-2337
【Business details】
Sales, maintenance and repair for “Precise Air Control Unit” and “Chiller”

Shinwa Controls (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Phone: +65-9644-8806
【Business details】
Maintenance and repair for “Precise Air Control Unit” and “Chiller”

1962 Start as Shinwa Industry Co., Ltd.
1967 Establish as Shinwa Controls Co., ltd. (Sales dept spins out from Shinwa Industry.)
1972 Head-office moves to Higashi-Shinbashi, Minatoku, Tokyo.
1978 Start sales activity on Southeast Asia market.
1984 Open Nagano Plant at Takatoomachi, Ina, Nagano. 
1985 Develop temperature-control unit for semiconductor manufacturing.
1987 Develop temperature & humidity control unit for semiconductor manufacturing.
1992 Open Kyushu Plant at Oomura high-tec park in Oomura, Nagasaki.
Move Head-office to Asaoku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
1996 Open service center at Taipei, Taiwan.
Add new facility to the Kyushu Plant.
Merge and acquire Shinwa Industry Co., Ltd.
1998 Certify ISO9001 to the Kyushu Plant.
1999 Certify ISO9001 to Nagano Plant, Headquarters, and Osaka Office, respectively.
2002 Certify ISO14001
2005 Shinwa receives “Regional Society Contributing Award” at 22nd Superb proprietor presented by The Daily Industrial News.
Shinwa donates a rose garden call "Shinwa Rose Garden Hills" to Takatoomachi, Nagano. 
Open Kumamoto Business Satellite (now Kumamoto Factory.)
Add the 3rd facility in Nagano plant. 
2006 Honor to receive a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon from Japan with our social contribution.
Develop superb high-pure air-supply system.
Invest MK Frons Co., Ltd. located at Shimosuwa, Nagano. (Shinwa Technos Co., Ltd. )
2008 Be elected a “2008 Vigorous production small-to-medium enterprises top 300.”
2009 Hirokuni Koshima, president & CEO receives “the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.”
2012 Establish Shinwa Controls Taiwan Co., Ltd. (as a local corporation in Taiwan.)
50th founding anniversary.
2014 Establish Shinwa Controls KOREA Co., Ltd.(as a local corporation in South Korea.) 
2017 Move the headquarters to Kurigi, Asaoku, Kawasaki.
Establish Shinwa Controls America, Inc. (as a local corporation in North America.)
2019 Establish Shinwa Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (as a local corporation in China.)
2020 Open Nagano Alps Ina Factory at Ina, Nagano.