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Chiller series

We offer a custom-made product to meet customers’ needs. In addition, development for heat exchanging part of customers’ machinery we cover. We support it with our product, which have lots of business performance proven.

System features

Temperature range -65℃ on Lo side to +200℃ on Hi side
Cooling power 500W to 100KW
Coolant (Brine) Fluorinert, Brine, Pure water
International safety standards SEMI, CE, and Rohs acceptable
Communications Every kind communications spec. available.
Others Perfectly separating heat exchanger (to prevent mixing the 1st-side coolant and the 2nd-side coolant.)

Product Line-ups

Temperature ctrl range
*-35℃ to +25℃
Type B
700(W)×610(D)×1695(H) (unit: mm)
Water-cooled refrigerator (R404A)
Temperature ctrl range
*-30℃ to +90℃
Type C
640(W)×980(D)×1640(H) (unit: mm)
Water-cooled refrigerator (R404A)
Temperature ctrl range
*-30℃ to +90℃
Type D
750(W)×848(D)×1600(H) (unit: mm)
Water-cooled refrigerator (R404A)