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Materials making to support the cutting edge in various fields.

We, Shinwa Controls, support cutting-edge technology in various fields such as semiconductor, medicals, airline, universe, and next-generation energy.


From communications device such as cellphone and smartphone to appliances, Audio Visual equipment, LCD TV, and even vehicles, semiconductor is being installed to support industries globally for their growth.

Medical care

The progress of medical care which protects our health and life is the most important issue for human being. Our product is using for medical care field with its high reliability and will be taking more field ahead of us.

Aviation and Universe

As the era when each and every person, material and information transit globally, development of aerospace engineering is a critical matter worldwide more than ever. In the aerospace engineering field, our precise fluid-control tech is playing an active part.

Next-generation Energy

Our product line-ups support and assist the next-generation energy tech such as Hydrogen station that is now drawing attention, solar-power battery, fuel battery as fluid control, and lithium ion battery-cell which is used for Electric Vehicle (EV) and home appliances as power-storage equipment.