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Next-generation Energy

The Next Generation of Renewable Energy

We are thrilled to announce that our technologies have a broad range of applications in the support and development of next-generation renewable energy solutions, including hydrogen stations, solar power, fuel cells, and lithium-ion batteries for electric cars and home energy storage.


  • Hydrogen station
  • Organic solar cell
  • Lithium ion cell
  • Fuel cell

Applicable Products


Pre-cooling Chiller for Hydrogen Station

Control the temperature of hydrogen to as low as minus 40 deg. C with high precision during hydrogen charging. Small footprint, which saves both space and energy.

Liquid Temperature Controlling Unit (Extremely High-Temp. Chiller)

As used in solar panel manufacturing.

Dry-Air Generator

Applicable for processes such as sealing for lithium ion battery/cells, which are intolerant to moisture.