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Product Information

Our Valves

  • Our solenoid valves and motor valves can be used in a wide range of applications, without being limited to a particular fluid type. We ensure reliability and durability by carefully selecting materials with high chemical resistance.
  • Our valves have a strong reputation for high reliability, and as well as being equipped to Japan’s artificial satellite for gyro control (JAXA).

  • We specialize in custom-made proposals/offers designed in response to customer needs, from the very start of the development phase. Small-batch OEM production also is available.
  • With a strong foundation in corrosive fluid control, medical equipment, fluid control for analytical devices, and precision equipment, we continue to expand beyond to other industries, including fuel cells and analyzing device for microanalysis.

Our Equipment

  • In 1985, we developed our first temperature controlling equipment for use in semiconductor manufacturing. Since then, we have developed and designed an impressive line of temperature controlling machinery, using our core temperature control technology.
  • We live by our word to achieve complete customer satisfaction through continually proposing new technologies and solutions. As part of our commitment to this goal, we are dedicated to developing technologies with high reliability and energy-saving capabilities.
  • In the semiconductor and LCD/FPD markets, our techniques have been evaluated highly, and we boast high shipping records to our clients in these markets.
*We have service-maintenance centers in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and North America, as well as after-sales follow up in Japan.