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Product Information

Valve dept.

  • Our solenoid valves and motor valves cope with wide range of applications without limited fluids types. Upon selecting materials, we take chemical resistance into consideration to maintain high durability and reliability in particular.
  • Our Micro valves really enjoy their reputation with high reliability which customers evaluate and will be equipped to a Japan’s artificial satellite for gyro controlling.

    Custom-made proposal/offer is our main design method in order to meet customers’ needs from the beginning of the development phase. Small number of OEM production also is available.
  • With our shipment records for the control of corrosive fluid, medical equipment, the control of bath/chemical solution at analyzing device, and highly precise control for the precise equipment, we will move on to the new frontier fields such as fuel battery and analyzing device for microanalysis beyond our existing market.

Equipment dept.

  • Since 1985 we developed our first temperature controlling equipment for semiconductor manufacturing use, lots of temperature controlling machinery line-ups have been designed with our core tech of temperature control.
  • With our mantra: being a proposal-oriented company to provide superb products and techniques which make customers satisfied, we’re getting committed to reliable skill and energy-saving tech.
  • On the semiconductor and LCD/FPD markets, our techniques are highly evaluated. And we boast to have lots of shipping records to such a market.

*We have service-maintenance agency in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and North America, not to mention Japan to follow up as after-selling activity.